About Us

About Wataniah

We are a leading company who provides services in various fields using sophisticated technology to serve all grade individuals, enterprises, companies and major investors.
We are confined to operate in domestic and Arab countries through a network of stable investments.
Ensuring the preservation of quality services and obligation to follow the State law in execution of works and maintaining its reputation.
The company is founded in 2003, owned by Mr. Meshaal Bin Abdullah Al Shuraia & brothers. Currently, it is covering Saudi and Republic of Egypt Region.
The Board has a unified vision and ambition for development to establish, implementation and execution of projects in all Arab and foreign countries where ever suitable investment opportunities are available.

About Abdullah Al Shuraia


With blessings and grace of Allah, along with the guidance of my father (May Allah have Mercy on Him) He was Scholar and we had been taught well the basics of life. We learned from him the basics of religion, good morals, practical and scientific ethics.

He was great in morals, very generous and the master in humility. He was start his life with struggle to build himself and contribute to its community.

In 1957, he started his career with the bicycle in business and finance sector.

He worked as customs clearance at « Al Raqa’i Customs in Hafr Al-Batin ».

He expanded his business after fatigue, effort, sincerity in work and loyalty in dealing from north to south and west to east to achieved leadership in the period of 1980’s. At that time he was one of the biggest road carrier provider in the Middle East.

We will never forget his teachings:

He appreciated with many local and regional achievement awards for which his homeland felt proud of him and awarded with highest honors and certificates.

He was personified as the highest meaning of loyalty for his religion and native land. We are the diligent and serious follower of his footmarks and implementing his eternal views in our life to achieve our goals. Well guided with his achievements as an illustration to overcome obstacles in our way.

At last, we ask Allah to give us success, support to serve our religion and our precious homeland.

Board of Directors


Our Values

Sincerity, Integrity & Transparency

We proud of our values which are derived from Islamic laws, traditions, and customs established by our fathers.
We consider our values as essential in dealing to build strong firm rules, to innovate and provide the best solutions for investment services, real estate and consulting with world-class derived from the heritage originated of ancient scientific theories and modern technological achievements which keep pace us with the urban growth and vision is tested by the state and provide customers to meet their needs and aspirations.


Leadership & Inspiration

At work, we spread the spirit of cooperation among our employees in order to enjoy the work at ease with high degree of passion. Taking into consideration the accuracy and achievement at work to achieve the degree of excellence.


Individuality & Excellence

– Encourage individual ideas and works together with the
concept of a family.
– Accept the opinion and vision of our employees with
mutual understanding and respect between them and
– Develop the experience and knowledge of all employees for superiority and excellence in the fields.
– Emphasizing the importance of developing individual relationships at on/off work.
– Our opinions influencing others which made us experts in fields.
– We commit to employing people with creativity and efficiency in the fields of specialization.


Proficiency Efficiency

– Specialized and professional team.
– Our ability is to innovate which leads to excellence.
– The rapid response for adaptability in modern scientific theories and technological achievements.
– we are committed to time management according to the stipulations.


Higher Safety Standards

Integrate and sustain safety for health by providing awareness of education and training to every employee at all levels in order to protect them from potential hazards and avoid damage to property and facilities.

Flowchart of OM

Flowchart of Organization Management

Social Contribution

Derived from the principles of our true religion, We strongly believe in the idea of true citizenship work towards contributing to an embodiment of human values and social cohesion for the achievement of the
goals to meet sustainable development.
We have taken a supportive approach towards social welfare through charitable foundations, social societies, national and cultural organizations.
We consider this approached as an integral part of our culture and core values as responsible towards the community in which we work.

Illustration of some supported events in ethical behavior :
– Participated and contributed to ” the achievements of civil defense” at Hafr Al Batin in 1427 H.
– Sponsored the memorization courses for the Sunnah Intensive at Hafr Al Batin in 1428 H.
– Contributed to air defense competition in the year 1428 H.
– Participated in activities and programs of “the Youth Committee” at Medina in 1438 H.
– The official sponsor of the Sahih Bukhari, Sahih Muslim seventh courses in the year 1431 H at Hafr al-Batin.
– Sponsored the seventh memorization courses in the year 1432 H at Hafr al-Batin.
– Sponsored the summer course for the memorization of intensive Sunnah for the fourth time at Hafr al-Batin.
– Supported the program of the “Mohammed bin Nayef Center for Counseling and Care”.
– Main sponsor in the first educational awareness campaign (we are all observers) in the region of Hafr al-Batin.
– Participated in programs and activities for traffic police in counseling and guidance at Hafr Al Batin
– Supporting Al Ber charity institution of Hafr al-Batin.
– Contributed to the restoration of ” Obada Ibn Al Samit” mosque in Hafr al-Batin.
– Sponsored ” Al Mohra ” Ramadan course in Hafr Al Batin.
– Supported the Orphanage Care Center of boys & girls in Hafr al-Batin.
– Supported the Youth Business Committee in Medina.
– Sponsored ( Al Raja Mosque Course) in the year 1439H.
– Supporting ( Al Imam Tabri Institute ) for Quran Sciences and Literature.

Achievement Awards