Sections And Services

Security systems sector

who are we

The National Security Systems Company is a leading company devoted to research, development, and manufacturing to sell and install technical equipment for vehicles

Our vision

We are working to provide superior standards through a team of experts who are qualified to manage, equip and implement projects in order to bypass the local market and compete with global markets.

Our Mission

Quality and commitment to provide the best in serving the individual and the nation and upgrading our economic system

Our goal

Achieving leadership in a successful march of which the country is proud by contributing to the realization of the Kingdom's plans now and in the future to support the national economy with the Kingdom's vision 2030

Hotel Suites MGMT

This sector was launched in the mid-2017. The aim is to own and rent the finest hotels, furnished apartments to provide them with highest standards enable to classify under 4/5 star hotel. With excellent hospitality to our guests for a happy and pleasant stay.

Exhibitions & Conferences

We provide services related to exhibitions and conferences for government and private entities along with best suggestions and consultations according to a study of market situations. Systematic by a cadre of specialists in the organization for conferences and official meetings. Also we do the implementation of graphic designing for all media such as social media, and advertisement (internal/external) of general printing and digital one for various exhibitions and conferences.

Travel & Tourism

We offer the best services relating to travel and tourism which includes bookings, ticketing on all international and domestic airlines with proper coordination prior to confirmation of bookings. We are providing services for Outland, ship tickets as well as train tickets. We also offer a full range of tourism services which include airline bookings and hotel reservations around the world. In addition, we offer special tourism programs such as promotional flights, Honeymoon packages, Business and VIP packages, Educational tours, Hajj/Umrah packages and many more.

Supplies Division

Supplying of high quality industrial and electromechanical products to all government and private sectors.

Transport & Maintenance

Road carrier for goods, distribution of petroleum products in cooperation with
Aramco, specific maintenance workshops for trucks and inspection facility for road

Gas Stations

We have our own gas stations well maintained and equipped with all related support
services, In complying with Saudi rules and regulations in an eco-friendly atmosphere.

Operation & Maintenance

We provide operation and maintenance services for all private and governmental facilities Such as buildings, offices, factories, gardens and amusement parks, clean cities, waste disposal, desalination plants, wells, dams, and mosques.

Studies & Design of Projects

We prepare and handle all architectural designs of external, internal, construction, electromechanical, marketing and supplementary projects with specialized technical staff in a distinguished and creative way. We aware of existence project management that manages all phases of the project

Construction Department

We provide general contracting services in all sectors with a highly experienced team to execute all construction and finishing works with the highest quality and minimum cost. We are also distinguished in the work of repairs, infrastructure, roads, all construction works, public works as well as operation and maintenance for all types of buildings with remarkable quality and workmanship. Our team review all project plans before initiating and during implementation using latest technologies devices in the field of construction to keep pace with newest technology which enables us to complete all construction works on time at faster speed and with excellent quality. All works are scrutinized by specialists with high efficiency and experience.

Real Estate Investment

We find investment opportunities, real estate for development and management, involvement in local and foreign real estate portfolios. Through our results, expertise and with diverse clients. We have been given a strong competitive advantage to others in our field.